What’s your marketing plan this Spring?

By: Caroline Berryman, CMMP — Contributing Author

As we say goodbye to winter and welcome spring 2019, it’s time to bring a fresh approach to your spring marketing campaigns. Consumers are ready to get outside with a new attitude and they are very open to new campaigns. There are also a few seasonal trends that can help revitalize your spring marketing campaigns.

Consumers are looking for fresh new ideas and products and it may be time to review your past strategies and focus on new ideas. It’s time to do an inventory refresh; looking at website content to see if it needs updating, planning a new social media strategy, and brightening up your content in print and digitally to reflect the new season. Revitalize your messaging to tie into the positive energy that the spring season exudes.

The spring season brings a number of widely celebrated holidays, including Mother’s Day, Easter, and in Canada, Victoria Day. Identify the connection your consumers have with each holiday and create a campaign recognizing that personal link. For example, Victoria Day weekend is usually spent outdoors, but the holiday covers a variety of activities ranging opening pools and cottages to backyard barbeques and sporting activities and events.

Spring is also a time where common activities take place, such as Spring break, which is an important event for the travel industry. Easter is an important event for the chocolate industry and Mother’s Day has the highest sale of greeting cards. Think about how you can tie your marketing plans into these events.

Many consumers like to engage in spring cleaning activities, while others look outdoors for inspiration from nature and sports activities. Focus on themed promotions that reveal how your customers interact with these common activities. Today’s marketers can capitalize on the spring season and improve their campaign efforts with these tips to leverage seasonal trends.

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