Setting higher goals for 2019 – Message from the President

Dear Fellows,

I wish you all a joyous, peaceful, and successful new year! The arrival of the new year is full of hopes and higher targets to achieve for our teams. Considering our extensive advisory council and global alliances functional team with added local strengths, we hope to continuously excel within the IIMP leading to further worldwide growth in the year 2019 and beyond.

We are starting the year with the launch of a new website ( to transform our newsletter into a more accessible platform, open to new authors for regular contributions. Furthermore, we are expanding our local team in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by adding new advisory and global alliances team members including country manager and city managers. It will be followed by the launching of a new website solely in Arabic to better communicate with those in the Middle East.

This year, we hope to continue focus on partnering with relevant conferences, establishing relations with educational institutions, implementing certification programs and give back to communities by awarding scholarships; achieving these goals will strengthen our base and guarantee further success.

The human resources team will maintain their productivity in growing our teams to all parts of the world, establishing our presence around the globe. The initial phase of marketing standards will be prepared to share with relevant teams for consultation, feedback, and enhancement. Furthermore, the publishing team will refocus on the research journal, professional magazine and releasing timely press releases.

As mentioned earlier, in recognition of the profound contribution of our esteemed team members, especially those individuals who demonstrate leadership in fulfilling given tasks, we will honour them with certifications.

Once again, I highly commend the contribution of all our teams in making the IIMP a real success. Furthermore, I would like to invite professionals and institutions to get engaged with our mandate as their share for the benefit of the marketing community at large.

All the best,

Nisar Butt, Chartered CMMP, MBA, DBA Scholar
President and Chief Executive Officer
International Institute of Marketing Professionals

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